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Please read this disclosure in full, sign and date it. This is our attempt to fully
disclose to you exactly what you can expect from a GLB Compliant background
investigation. Below you will see a list of (30+) categories that are searched for
in the Metro Background Investigation.

Date Of Birth (in most cases)
All Current E-Mail Addresses
Other Social Security Numbers Linked To The Target
Other Social Security Numbers Target Is/Has Used Bankruptcy's
Real Property Owned Now And Past Ownership
Current Vehicles / Past Ownership (Most Cases)
All Relatives, Current / Past Phone, Address, E-Mail
All Business Associates / Friends / All Contact Information All Neighbors ( + All
Contact Information)
All Counties Target Has Resided In Nationwide
True Gender Verified
Diciest Verification Date Of Death Location
Criminal History, Arresting Agency, Location, Charges Target Photos Some
States (If Available)
Drivers License Information (Some States)
Professional Affiliations (Professional Licenses)
Liens (Government / Private)
Judgments (Government / Private Sector)
Evictions ( If Reported)
Global Watch List Sanctions (Terrorist Watch List No Fly) US Business
Affiliations (Companies)
Florida Accidents
UCC Uniform Commercial Code (State Filings Real Property) Aircraft Records
(Tail Number+)
Pilot Licenses (Rating And License Number)
Voter Registrations ( Current / Past)
Hunting Permits (Current Past / Addresses)
Weapon Permits ( + Concealed Weapons Permits + State)

These are searchable fields.The computer algorithm looks for identifiable data relating
to the Target's Social Security Number and Date Of Birth. If nothing has been reported
to the hundreds of scanned databases, then nothing can be reported. This is why you
may see "EVICTIONS (NONE FOUND) on some of the fields on of your background
investigation. Metro cannot guarantee what will or will not be found. Metro does not
compile any of the data used in building your background investigation. Metro is a
licensed reseller of GLB data.

We will not know what data will be compiled on the Target until we actually run the
Targets, DOB, and Social security number. Should you decide to run a background on
your Target, you are acknowledging that you accept all of the terms and conditions
within this Disclosure. Their are no refunds offered once we have pulled and sent the documents to your E-mail address. When we pull the documents we are
charged for the data.
The national data bases that we utilize are updated every (24) hours. We
utilize the largest database in the U.S. for all of our background data+. Additionally
you agree not to share any data with unauthorized parties. Furthermore you also
agree not to use the data to stock another person or persons, or to use the data for
any illegal purpose under law. Please Sign And Date Below.

Thank You,

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