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Former Chief Of Police
Metro employs retired Federal Agents as well as city and county detectives who have entered the private sector. Many have 20+ years experience
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Metro is a full service agency. We specialize in criminal investigations.
However we are a full service agency offering state of the art skill sets. We
investigate: Criminal Investigations, Background Investigations, Divorce,
Child Custody Issues, Sexual Assault, Children, Rape, Criminal Defense,
Counterfeit Items, Internal Employee Theft, Surveillance With GPS, Hidden
Camera Systems For Theft And Child Or Elder Abuse.
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When your life depends on it, make sure you employ the
best criminal investigators to defend your position. Your
attorney will only be as effective in your defense as the
proof that that your investigator can provide to your attorney in your defense. Your best chance to win your case and avoid a conviction,is a skilled criminal attorney
with solid proof to discredit the charges against you.

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Any Law Enforcement Agency. Metro Investigators Are Not Attorneys,And Cannot Give Legal Advice. Please Contact Your Attorney For Any Legal Advise For Your Case
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